Chick’s Advice for Next-Generation Jazz Musicians

June 2, 2011

Chick Corea LiveChick Corea sat down with All About Jazz recently for a good long talk, and Chick came out with some serious, deep history, both from Return to Forever and his own career.

Here’s a preview:

All About Jazz: What would you tell the newer generations of jazz musicians that are maybe struggling to find their own voice?

Chick: Don’t worry about struggling, first of all. Struggling is good. And next, all I can offer is for an artist and a musician to just follow his own heart, and to think for himself, and to keep on making sure that he is doing what he loves to do and learning the things that he wants to learn, and expressing the way that he wants to express himself, and being true to himself. And the more you do that, I think, the more you get a joy out of life; you get successes out of life.

PLUS: How the new Corea, Clarke & White 2-CD set Forever came to be; where the name Return to Forever came from; and what it was like working with Miles.

Read the full All About Jazz article here.

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